VTB Sales Manager

Create your own B2B portal for free: display of residuals, individualprices for customers, document flow, integration with 1C, MoiSklad, SAP

Focus on the main thing

Sales Manager module allows suppliers to significantly reduce the cost ofprocessing of B2B orders

Thanks to integration with 1C and other ERP: nomenclature and availability at allwarehouses are displayed on the platform, and placed orders immediately fall into 1C

Every customer sees the price assigned to him, in accordance with the contract andsettings

Formed order documents are automatically sent to the customer(accounts, invoices, waybill,integrated delivery note) directly from 1C

Discounts Configurator allows you to customize trading policies, additionaldiscounts made in ERP will be applied on the platform

Automatic submission of acts of reconciliation from 1C at the request of the customer

Leave a request and we will hold a product presentation for you and explain howsave on order processing.

Start in 4 steps

Download products and prices for the platform (1C integration module is free
Invite customers to the platform - contact us, we will help you!
Specify prices for your customers and the order of payment
Take orders more efficiently


Peter Sergeev

Melania LLC

VTB Business Connect allowed our company to take a step into new markets. Fromusing the platform, we went to eBay, where we were found by major American andEuropean distributors. It was helped by the fact that we were well prepared forthis process - packaging meets the highest standards,instructions to the products were accurately translated, and now our ship modelsdelight customers around the world.
Alexey Smirnov


We specifically developed a product with great export potential, andpart of our strategy for entering international markets was working with large onesMarketplace. Logging out to ebay with the help of VTB Business Connect was verysimple, because we were able to import data from our existingOnline store through the platform on eBay. We also receive all orders andwe process on the platform, besides there is a convenient integration with MailRussia, we print labels directly from the interface.
Alexander Osipov

Project Manager of SKAD Ltd.

Our company - the leader in the market of manufacturers of alloy wheels, and we have longwe wanted to start selling our products not only to large distributors, butand small business customers. Of course, working with new segments requires othersapproaches, and here VTB Business Connect helped us. Thanks to integration with accountingsystem we can serve orders of more customers the sameresources.
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